We all kneel down.

This blog entry was inspired by an Update on facebook and it got me writing.

Is it Accent or Eloquence?

Many at times you hear comments like “This television presenter is ‘forcing’ accent” This has been said about Robin Kisti of the LOGIN tv presenter(currently on a maternity leave) . Thence I ask do we confuse the accent with eloquence? Are the two interchangeably misconstrued or misused? Accent is intonation, cadence, inflection or modulation ofContinue reading “Is it Accent or Eloquence?”

My Views on Sexual Assault.

Today is one year since the absurd rape on the bus in India, as a result people have suggested arming girls, youth ministers have told women against wearing miniskirts; We must look beyond the reactionary impulse to just give women more pepper-spray or teaching them martial arts. Instead, we need to teach men not toContinue reading “My Views on Sexual Assault.”

You only Die once (YODO)

I often hear young people saying ridiculous things like “YOLO”, meaning “You Only Live Once”. This, of course, is used as an argument in the justification of why we are so reckless and irresponsible. When we want to party up a storm or drink ourselves to a stupor, we’ll argue that we only live once.Continue reading “You only Die once (YODO)”