Perfect imperfection

We have seen the phrase or perhaps used it in lines but it means having a flaw that we actually view as perfect and that’s with stroke recovery, actually the truth is that recovery continues through life and comes with some flaws on the human body. This was inspired by a beautiful and sassy lady from Naija,we shall call her Gelax for now. She is a fellow blogger and reader too, Recently I joined Afrobloggers a platform for emerging digital voices in Africa and oh its amazing reading from them sometimes I hide in shame being with these writers whose prose is nothing but platinum. The universe has a way of placing people who have similar preference and ideals together so I guess it gave me Gelax as a friend.

So recovery in stroke is slow but sure, to borrow some phrase of NRM,it is steady progress.What is required is holding on one day at a time.Now given that physiotherapy is the only way out, you gotta go for it. I go 5 days a week and in simple speak,it is speaking to the nerves.

That right there is a cockup splint which keeps the fingers and joints in a functional position to enable them do the things it did earlier (regaining independence)

Now recovery surely comes with the body having the imperfections but the only way to make them perfect is the acceptance that it is going to be like that. For example with walking if one recovers it is going to be with a slight limp basically stroke alters God’s creation but upon knowledge of the fact things fall in place.

Now this has been a very hard year, the Chinese flu has had the best of us,taken our loved ones and changed our lifestyle, I think saying merry Christmas won’t suffice let me safely say Happy Holidays


  1. Mwene, if only I could hug you right now!!! 🤗🤗🤗

    You’re such a strong and brave soldier. Thank you for being my friend. Happy holidays to you too! ♥️✨

  2. I am encouraged by the optimistic tone in your write up and somehow I feel your recovery will be fasten because of how positive you sound in addition to your treatment.
    You are a brave warrior.
    Sending you loads of love and light.
    And yes, I know Gelax, she’s my blog sis, so I know you chose right.
    Happy Holidays, dear!

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