We are strong only because our options are limited.

I’m a radio person,if you have read my post, so it’s 2015,JK(Juliana Kanyomozi) is being hosted on Sanyu Radio,’the drive show’ by Crystal Newman, JK had had a hard 2014, she had lost her son,Keron , and losing a son is hard to a mother. I knew JK by extension, I knew Laura (sister) and a friend, who is close buddies with JK so obviously I was touched. I recall, I even wrote about it.

When asked by Crystal Newman as to how she recovered after the son’s passing, this was the reply,there are situations where being strong is the only option we are left with. I’m paraphrasing the answer but that is what she was getting at. Often times friends have very kind words to me,they praise me for the strength and resilience, I wallow in the praises then quickly tell myself that I have no options but to be strong.

Let us look at the most used word in the pandemic now that zoom meeting calls have become our super excuse, the word Resilience has been used a trillion times, it’s like a badge of honor, like the academies,’despite the pandemic, most of you have been resilient in the changing times and we thank you’. So let us go to the big word, friends describe me so but are they being kind with words, how do we determine resilience? What are the indicators therein? The first time I perhaps knew that I could rise up in face of tragedy was in 2015, I was at Kyaliwajjala stage heading home from work, the evening was perfect and it would be perfect for a drive with that Dave Koz classic Jazz music, the evening was in agreement and dusk was setting in,it was Friday the 13th and those beliefs have never made sense to me until then, that day, the mighty Lucifer must have summoned his cousin, Dracula,”Dra, I need some innocent blood, I am tired of old haggard souls,I need some youth, get me three paints, whatever you do, get me fresh water ( read blood) for today.” And dra went on a hunt, the place was a Kindergarten, unattended to, my niece and goddaughter fell from a swing. I have written about her demise. One of the greatest lifelesson I have taught myself is that life has to go on, the world will not stop and cry with you, just as one breathes their last in a hospital,a life is coming on to a couple and being celebrated. Life has no guarantees, the only thing is to remain hopeful.

Life being life, my niece passed on the date of 13th April,2015 and I had to organize and oversee an event slated for 21st February,2015, this was the Jessup National Rounds and in eight days, I organized the event and successful it was.

To summarize it, coming out of a death of a dear niece and organizing an event eight days later still baffles me, how did I adjust and get back? The hard, brutal answer is that, perhaps I had no options but to rise up. The World has to move on, life has no guarantees the only thing is to be hopeful. So we can say that perhaps the body is wired to overcome challenges and bounce back and that event in perfect health reminds me that I can get back and I am resilient.

At age 5, my grandfather,omugurusi Rwabihiiga used to struggle pronouncing my first name, Roland, so one day he went the local market,got me those huge metallic cups which we call gamma. The size of mini gourds He said,Nakweta Rwamuguma ogumiire emirabanamu yensi.(I am now calling you, Rwamuguma and I want you to be strong in whatever situation you pass through. )The derivative meaning of the name would be someone who is hardened by situations. So yes the illness might have come but I will suddenly bounce back because It does not know who it is dealing with. I am crushed but not persecuted, struck but not abandoned and the Lord is still reigning high.

Organization of such an event is not easy, you have to get oral round judges, written brief judges and so forth. Let me name the officials since it’s the first time I am doing so, Raymond,Abaho who were barristers (timekeepers),Karamagi,Bwesigye,Muwaya, Ssali and Ruhembaogwenjura who were judges, I also got Judy Kyalimpa and a lady author who was at Kampala Associated Advocates, she had been referred to me by Loyola Karobwa a former Jessuper and Ted, my dear musical muse(the reason I have named them is to perhaps bring them to comment if and when they can. Khanani the Afroblogger perhaps understands the Jessup Struggle albeit from a contestant’s viewpoint.

Dear reader, you alone have the power to bounce back. Resilience is not a preserve of the Fortune 100, you too can be resilient.We can beat anxiety, hopelessness. We can be whole again, I just shared my story. I have bounced back and I will bounce back.Resilience is ofcourse influenced by factors, mine is a strong support system of family and friends. The reason I write is because I let off all my emotions first hand(the irony being that my left hand is paralyzed and unable to type) .I have the luxury and opportunityof writing as a neuropatient about what it feels like losing your life, career but continuing to live on. Being positive in a negative situation is the way to go.

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  1. Beautiful story as always.
    And yes the rigours of the JESSUP are in a class of their own!

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