The Book without a Face

So the greatest therapy in all this has been friendtherapy and most of the friends I have met has been on Facebook, when you search deeper, you are likely to find gems in them(I know Mwagale will read this the other way round)

The first time I met Mwagale was in December of 2014or there about. Fwaza Bright came and picked me up and off we were to solent avenue Bugolobi where I met the awesome Jade( I found out that she is married, wabula mwene has split firewood at people’s wedding but we serve a living God and will be fine.

So Mwagale has a Charity event she organizes and partners with facebook friends to support children at the Cancer ward of Mulago to put a smile on their faces and make their Christmas memorable and this year even with the Chinese flu they had to do it following the SOPs.

So today the girl child visited the old man and it was a great visit, Finally I met Faith, for Paula we have met before (Maureen don’t read mate). Good friends see you in their free time but great friends free their time to come and check on you, I am loved and won’t let you down, thanks for the love

The girl child movement checking on me

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  1. Brenda Malisa says:

    Lifetime friends.
    Keep them close always
    They are valuable assets

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