We are the peril of Africa.

Uganda is always referred to as a pearl of Africa but given that the quote is attributed to Churchill ,it is safe to say that we are the peril of Africa judging by the latest government action in halting the development partners scheme of give directly fund by the USAID, the reasoning might be that we are arrogant and can’t be seen begging for survival therefore we look at this as being reduced to a nanny state. Another theory being fronted is that the funds are actually going to assist the Duke of Gomba and given that Joel is retiring into presidency,chances can’t be taken.

To understand the aidonomics, actually a give directly fund benefits and empowers more households,if 120,000 is given to a household, it means that a shopkeeper gains and so does the farmer. Therefore those advancing the trickle down effect argument is out of place.

The Junta cannot come to terms with the fact that the economy is down and it needs a stimulus, the world Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2020, the World Food Program is no longer in the habit of giving out food but rather money. The regime should accept that it has failed its citizens,

To understand the priority of the regime, one needs to look at the adverts that run on the TVs, the covid 19 guidelines have stopped and all we have is the advert of Joel in a pineapple farm as the advert is saying that we are totally fine so the foreigners can’t burst our bubble with the timely interventions.We are that predictable the people would rather starve as we keep our pride.

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  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    Quite laughable 😔

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