My tomorrow must be greater than today.

Today morning I talked to a good friend, Noah, I love his enthusiasm and positivity whenever we chat, he asks, are you better? And I reply, yes because confession is possession. Which brings me to a song by David Ekene, My tomorrow must be greater than today, I love the lyrics , it’s a declaration of faith. When the lock down was declared, it changed a lot and affected me because I couldn’t go for physiotherapy, well every dark cloud has a silver lining I do some simple exercises to keep the body in shape. Well I thought to myself, why not call a few friends and maybe speech and articulation can improve so it is what I do every morning and I have talked to a few friends.

Yes my tomorrow must be greater than today , his hand is not short that he can’t reach us nor are the eyes blind that they can’t see. When I look at my life’s journey and the pitfalls I have passed through. It takes a brave soul to persevere. And to be honest it is not easy but the circle of friends around me keeps me going. The lock down may literally lock us down, but the spirit is free and keep soldiering on. A friend recently sent me a message, Ro your head is under the water but you are breathing fine whats the secret? My answer was that there are situations where being brave is the only option and this is one of them. We shall brave on


  1. Clare says:

    Hallelujah, hallelujah! My tomorrow must be better than today…glad you you guys got to talk! The other day he was a bit low coz he’d called you and you hadn’t picked!
    Blessings, Ro!

    1. yongyera says:

      I returned the call and he heard every word yiveni mushie

  2. Amanda Twebaze-Nutritionist says:

    Loading credit today to call you tomorrow too!

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