Forgiveness is hard work

Forgiveness is a hard thing, its hard because we forget not and keep remembering, I for one believe in loving from a distance. I have overtime unlearned and relearned on forgiveness. I love using relationships because we all have been in one. The thing about forgiveness is that it is not a feeling, it’s aContinue reading “Forgiveness is hard work”

Body insecurities

She will ask you. The questions that have no right answers. Case in point, “Do you think I have gained weight?” Ha! Like you can tell them they have gained weight and it will end there? Please! So you will ask the safest question universally? “Why I dont see anything?” And she will say, “BecauseContinue reading “Body insecurities”

Letter to self

Last week while looking at self in the mirror, I reflected on crises but equally told self,why don’t you write to self and here we go Dear self, I have been thinking about you lately. You have been through so much. No one knows the depth of your pain and suffering but you. It feelsContinue reading “Letter to self”

2021 Love Reply.

Time reads our letters, so it’s January this year and I write to 2021. My Twitter wife,Ms Pollet comments that indeed 2021 is going to write me a love letter in reply. Before you begin asking about the wedding, so Benjamin is playing with Twitter and it is determining his parents and guess who weContinue reading “2021 Love Reply.”