Mwene, I hope you dance. .

I have shared in the past how songs inspire me alot and today I will focus on Ann Lee womack”s, “i hope you dance “. Looking at all the messages I have receive, I can summarise it in the lyrics, I like the Ronan Keating version well this is inspired by my good friend Daisy Mulamuzi now Mrs. Kasujja, she came to check on me with another good friend Mati Joan from Kenya, she said, Roland, you will get better and I hope you dance at my kasiki ” that was a powerful statement, it was of hope and great expectations, well at the time I had really picked up and could walk with support we had a long conversation with Andre Kasujja about financial inclusion after which Joan remarked, ” I can say Roland is a beautiful mind, the way he has deciphered Financial Inclusion “, well the answer lies in reading, you see as a reader I read on many topics in fact I was reading on cyberpsychology, how we can be to tell human behaviour through social media.

Well then I suffered a regression and this was sad as it reversed the progress that had been made. I joked that perhaps the leopard’s party had jinxed me since I took up their motto of steady progress. Well this was sad and I almost slumped into depression, but I kept the hope alive there’s a line that goes like, promise me that you will give faith a fighting chance ” Now truthfully faith is hard to come by but when you believe things can happen. I was undergoing physiotherapy but it was painful. Slowly this has paid off and this is to thank the entire team at stroke rehabilitation centre, Gayaza, their services are really dignified, actually a few days ago, I noticed that speech had improved and can say a few words I can even speak on phone. I have spoken to a few friends like Bright Mashansha, and I will keep soldiering on of course with speech and movement, they don’t return instantly its a process of rewiring the brain and speech centre but like i wrote, we shall get there, more and more practice will get us there


  1. Sharone says:

    Keep soldiering on, we got you.

  2. bmkakurut says:

    You encourage me, Yongera. And soon, your testimony shall encourage millions. Still one of the sharpest minds I know of.

    1. yongyera says:

      Thanks for the comment

      1. Jacob asasira says:

        Wat an inspiring and powerful msg, i wish u dance my man, u a great soul, quick recovery to u, one of the most clever lads of our generation

      2. yongyera says:

        Thanks for the comment ghost

      3. yongyera says:

        Thanks muzzukulu

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