Tweny Tweny; We are in the struggle

The resolutions

Now when you are starting a new year, you have resolutions; they are diverse depending on the person. Now when you have been stroking for the last four years, the only struggle is to be fine, and when you have had speech impairment, only you can get out of it now to the reader, I was literally dumb for about three years, the only comfort was that I was communicating by phone.I realized that the brain was getting used to the phone and that was sad because then rewiring the damaged nerves could forever take long, I thus made efforts on top of the speech therapy to begin saying out words with the hope that the more practice the better.

Then the Chinese flu had other plans,in March, a lockdown was announced and transport stopped, I said to myself,’you gotta keep moving’ I decided that I could do some simple stretching of the body joints and muscles because I am now used to them and I know the objective the physiotherapists want to achieve with each exercise.That kept the body active such that Contractures don’t happen.

Then that done I knew that the struggle was halfway through, the speech was next now to the reader the speech is developing and I can say a few words and working on sentences and so far so good.I now call a few people and say hello, now you have to be keen to listen and get the word audibly.I have called a few friends on their birthdays to wish them well and my satisfaction is getting a thank you at the end iam certain I go like ‘aaapi baade’ but now I am working on getting the words heard you see practice makes perfect so the more practice the more the words will come out,Are we there yet, not yet but we will get there and the struggle shall be over.I use Facebook as a journal entry for my life which is why I have inserted the screenshot to give a background.


  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    Oh Mwene!

    I’m genuinely happy about your progress 🤗.

  2. Violet says:

    Woooow I’m happy to hear that Roland
    God is great and keep going, the more practice the better.
    God loves you 🙏🏻❤️

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