Once a man, twice a child

The theory of Retrogenesis is Simple. – Once a man, twice child – meaning that we start out in life as a child, grow into an adult, then as we age and lose abilities, both physical and cognitive, become a child again. That is what stroke does to you,it babies you and you have to start all over again.The brain is like a CPU and right now as you read this, the brain is controlling the way you breathe. A stroke damages brain cells so they can no longer work properly. As a result, the areas of your body they control are also affected. For example, if you have speech and movement problems, the stroke will have damaged the area of your brain responsible for your speech and movement.

Over the weekend, I sent a voicenote to Gelax asking about Lagos and what she was up to. She got back to me and told me that Lagos is fine and that she had had a prayer meeting and worked on her blog. This may be a normal thing because people regularly check on each other but wait, the sender of the voicenote has impaired speech as a result of a stroke.

Gelax is my sister from the African district of Nigeria, she was the first friend I made after being discovered by Afrobloggers,a platform for emerging digital voices across Africa. Statistically, stroke affects the elderly but this doesn’t mean that the young are spared. I go by the moniker,’Old man’ and I think life was paying attention and said,’welcome to old age, Mwene’

I am a Virgo and next month will be my birthday. Sharing a lifestory can be hard,it takes strength and conditioning. There is no fiction. If I were to tell you my plans,it was to write a PhD by 35, so far from the old man poster, I’m still a youth. I like to say that I am the old man in thoughts and reflections and this was confirmed by another sister, Eunice from the southern district of Tanzania and must have been commenting on the reflection I made in 2015 on forgiveness

The old man writes reflections on Facebook

I’m thinking about blogging about my life reflections and for the young people to read on and reflect and do better.

Back to Neurogenesis, this is the regeneration of damaged nerves and cells after a stroke. This is not for the faint hearted as it is painfully slow. At the beginning of 2020, I made a resolution and as the old man, I believe that a resolution is like a crying baby in a church,it must be IMMEDIATELY CARRIED OUT.

The resolution of 2020

What I can say is that even for walking, we are almost there. One important thing as we begin the new week is to know that for whatever goal you want to achieve, there is a process and you have to respect that process, so is with recovery. This ofcourse will require effort and determination, there is a message that keeps me going, I framed it and read it everyday. This was written by Mushie my youngest friend and it pushes me.

Love lifts us up at our lowest

Now I know Jesus and talk to God. I asked for Strength,God gave me difficulties to overcome, his rod and staff,they guide me so I may sound cynical when I say that the Lord answered my prayers. In 2019,I suffered stroke related convulsions that left me unconscious for three days, so being here alone is a miracle.


  1. Tikia Joella says:

    Timely word for me… Trust the process and the Lord is my Sheperd. Thank you for sharing your reflections with us. You are the light bulb in my dark room today. Thank you 💞

  2. Samuel Casa says:

    This is life that we never dictate….
    You speak directly to my reflection

  3. Bolaji Gelax says:


    Firstly, I don’t think I tell you enough how much glad I am that we’re friends❤️

    Secondly, the moniker Old Man, is perhaps the most befitting description of you because you spew so much wisdom.

    Thank you for the inspiration that you are to us all. Benjamin and I were still speaking all day yesterday about how in awe of you we are.

    Mwene, you are amazingly amazing 😁. I’m thankful for your healing. I know the good Lord will perfect it and the years of cankerworm and caterpillars will be restored unto you. That PhD, is the least. You are some professor stuff, my dear friend.


  4. Amanda Twebaze-Nutritionist says:

    You’re a legend walking Earth’s face teaching us what matters the most with every step and breath you take. I just hope you know how big your purpose set by God is. Thank you for serving diligently, don’t ever give up on us, we need you.

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