Alone and Frightened.

December,is a Philly Bongoley Lutaaya month, atleast musically to some of us, right about now radio stations will start playing his Christmas songs, katujaguze,zukuka and Gloria these songs are supposed to prepare our minds for Christmas. Lutaaya is our Ugandan Boney M Lutaaya came out on April 13th,1989 after returning from Sweden,he held a presserContinue reading “Alone and Frightened.”

Whispers of Mortality

I relate with this writing by Tikia, Tikia is a friend from the Afrobloggers community and often times,I do send her voicenotes to find out how she is doing but most importantly, how Eren is doing. Even with the impaired speech, it’s one word that I am trying to say well, and she gets toContinue reading “Whispers of Mortality”

Dancing in the rain

Tonight,it didn’t rain. It has been raining at nights this month, this is the kind of downpour that leaves the cats whimpering and the cows standing stoic as they bow their heads. The idiom,it is raining cats and dogs has possible explanations, one is that Drainage systems on buildings in 17th-century Europe were poor andContinue reading “Dancing in the rain”