Oryo’mumikono ya Yesu tagira kyatiina

You know some songs that you listen to and you are reminded of a person. Today I listened to a local song with lines, Oryo’mumikono ya Yesu tagira kyatiina kandi amuhumuriramu, amarwa rukundo ye… Literally meaning that whoever is in Jesus’ hands fears nothing. You see the scriptures tell us that even at our lowest, the Lord gives us hope and the strength to carry on. This particular song reminds me of Mukadde (grandma) it was one of her favorite songs I will actually write about the favorite song we sang at her send-off.

Now 2016 is a year I will live to forget its the time she slept (my polite word for passing on) I had seen her a week before and being the prayerful type we sang and read the Bible.Perhaps,God was preparing us for the last meeting with mukadde.

Mukadde with the old man

The reason I like the song is probably because of the lyrical content. It has a line, kumba mbumbatirwe Yesu timpwamu amatsiko (whenever I am embraced by Jesus,I never lose hope). Now hope is a good thing perhaps the best of things and no good thing dies. Hope carries me every day and it is what I stand on now one may argue that there are limited options but there are people who give up on life and contemplate suicide or even think about cursing God like Job was given the option but we have to learn that life is not always going to be rosy. There are storms that are going to come but his grace is sufficient to see us through.

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