Daring to live

In my heart, all I could hear were whispers, write write write. Deaf ear,I turned.Legal writing,policy briefs were no problem, I had never tried blogging, because Facebook was always available ready to take in my a quarter baked grammar in the pretence of a post.I was unimpressed and felt useless.I knew that I had toContinue reading “Daring to live”

This Walk of Life

Wednesdays meant a prayer day for me while growing up. It was cell time at Watoto church (formely KPC). Aunt Marie hosted a cell at Mbuya and by that time , Bugoloobi was in the Eastern part of Kampala according to the way they had grouped it. At Sunday school, we sang songs like,’Read yourContinue reading “This Walk of Life”

Alone and Frightened.

December,is a Philly Bongoley Lutaaya month, atleast musically to some of us, right about now radio stations will start playing his Christmas songs, katujaguze,zukuka and Gloria these songs are supposed to prepare our minds for Christmas. Lutaaya is our Ugandan Boney M Lutaaya came out on April 13th,1989 after returning from Sweden,he held a presserContinue reading “Alone and Frightened.”