America and Islam

Exposure, travel and perhaps, reading has helped me unlearn propaganda, deep held myth. I find myself in a conflict when it comes to the Middle East conflict because I have friends from the Arab countries and equally good comrades from Israel. I don’t take sides before exploring the point at hand, but I am cognizantContinue reading “America and Islam”

Forgiveness is hard work

Forgiveness is a hard thing, its hard because we forget not and keep remembering, I for one believe in loving from a distance. I have overtime unlearned and relearned on forgiveness. I love using relationships because we all have been in one. The thing about forgiveness is that it is not a feeling, it’s aContinue reading “Forgiveness is hard work”

Body insecurities

She will ask you. The questions that have no right answers. Case in point, “Do you think I have gained weight?” Ha! Like you can tell them they have gained weight and it will end there? Please! So you will ask the safest question universally? “Why I dont see anything?” And she will say, “BecauseContinue reading “Body insecurities”

Letter to self

Last week while looking at self in the mirror, I reflected on crises but equally told self,why don’t you write to self and here we go Dear self, I have been thinking about you lately. You have been through so much. No one knows the depth of your pain and suffering but you. It feelsContinue reading “Letter to self”