Time to light up Mother’s Day

Dear Penny and Edith,

For some reason yesterday in my write up,I erroneously forgot to include Penny,I know not how I forgot but you remember the last time you visited me and I particularly asked about her.I recall when I came for Edith’s graduation party at Babarise, Naalya. I actually with Richard. We had come on a jyagi because we used public transport. I remember the speech that your mom gave. You know when you don’t have a personal ride, you are likely to stay longer in the guise of conversations with the guests when you’re actually waiting for a lift, you bring up topics till the guest says,”I have to leave” then the next thing you say is,”are you using the bypass route?” if the answer is in the affirmative, you first thank God and hope the guest is not taking the Kyengera route. And unlucky were we,most of the guests were taking different routes. Now this meant that we had to use a taku again. In all this, Becky noticed and walked our way and said sarcastically, “you guys better buy cars otherwise, you will sleep here”. That was basically Becky, always chucking for us but in good faith I must add. I had a conversation with Edith this morning and she told me that the baby is off oxygen, breathing on her own but still in the incubator. She added that the baby is brown like the mother and I thank God for that leap.

Now you are the aunties (ba nyakwento) but fate has made you their mum. The growth and development of the little princess will highly depend on the support system that you are going to provide. Without a doubt, she is going to be as bright as the mum(science tells us that the moms have the x chromosome which is responsible for intelligence. So she will grow up and ask questions like,” but aunt, you are Roman’s mum, but who then is my mom?”. That is where you will begin to prepare her that a man called Jesus took her home. As I have previously written, Love lifts us up at our lowest so the more love and time you give her, the more likely she will be able to forget about the questions in her mind. Her Birthday is going to be tricky because it will also be the anniversary of her mom’s passing but for now, love her and leave everything to God. Lastly but most importantly, teach her to love and trust the Lord and with that firm background she will be a great person and years from now, she will be celebrating a good Mother’s Day.


  1. Onyinye Udeh says:

    I lack words but I trust that baby girl is in safe hands.
    May the Lord comfort you all and also empower you with the wisdom and grace to raise a woman y’all will be proud of.

  2. Brenda Malisa says:

    May the good Lord comfort the aunties and provide His warm embrace to that little soul.
    This is a sad experience

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