Uganda Olemwa

A while ago,a journalist friend asked,”why don’t you write commentaries, I love your perspective and writing”. In my head, I was thinking, like really. I was almost becoming a journalist on job about 7 years ago , I used to do a Radio Talkshow and write opinions as well at the time, I wanted toContinue reading “Uganda Olemwa”


If there’s anyone who has helped me in weaving language into a concrete narrative, Bolaji Gelax would be up there. It started with an awkward story I sent her, the kind of email you send and you are satisfied as a sender but not certain about the receiver. I don’t want to look at itContinue reading “Speechless”

Trudging on

Vulnerabilitycan be a double-edged sword,and here I am sittingat this balance point,realizing that sharingtoo quickly can be damaging,yet not sharing when time has passedmeans certain types of storiesget buried. I was supposed to write this yesterday, but here I am scribbling on,in my bed! Funny, well with one hand, there are things I have learnedContinue reading “Trudging on”