Its Zee not Zed

There is nothing as babying as suffering a stroke and I have reflected on it as Once a man, twice a child. A stroke is a case by case basis,if it is right sided paralysis,it implies that the right side is literally dead and non functional, this means that you won’t be able to eatContinue reading “Its Zee not Zed”

Uganda Olemwa

A while ago,a journalist friend asked,”why don’t you write commentaries, I love your perspective and writing”. In my head, I was thinking, like really. I was almost becoming a journalist on job about 7 years ago , I used to do a Radio Talkshow and write opinions as well at the time, I wanted toContinue reading “Uganda Olemwa”


If there’s anyone who has helped me in weaving language into a concrete narrative, Bolaji Gelax would be up there. It started with an awkward story I sent her, the kind of email you send and you are satisfied as a sender but not certain about the receiver. I don’t want to look at itContinue reading “Speechless”