The decision to divorce

Divorce is the dissolution or anulment of marriage by a court of law. Suffice to note, there are types of marriages recognized by the Ugandan law are, Civil marriages- monogamous in nature and celebrated in the office of the Registrar General for residents of Kampala and in the offices of Chief Administrative Officers for theContinue reading “The decision to divorce”

Friends are Family

“What is a family?” , our teachers would ask in Primary School. Our answer was always,”a family is the smallest unit of society composed of father, mother and children”.We then would draw up stick figures of Father, Mother and children. Then we were taught of nuclear and extended families. That then was my freedom toContinue reading “Friends are Family”

A letter to my ex

It must have a good friend GD and another who reminded me of you when they came to the rehabilitation center to check on me, “ka bebi kaliwa,singa kati kekakamula ko ka juice”(where’s she? she would be making you juice now). This got me thinking, would you have stayed with me in this episode?. EarlierContinue reading “A letter to my ex”

The Hearts of Men

“Mwene, I stopped trusting men, you are sons of a gun”,I retorted, “That is too harsh my dear”. This was the conversation we had, she was an intern who loved blogging and writing, she was the kind that would send an email with a wealth of suggestions that would make you smile.’Hakeem ‘(Eddy Murphy) toldContinue reading “The Hearts of Men”