This is a cold morning,one of those I prefer to stay indoors and I am not taken in the early morning sun,apparently it is therapeutic as it gives us Vitamin D which strengths the bones. I am not watching TV and neither am I reading today. Yesterday I completed reading,’ Predictably Irrational ‘ by DanContinue reading “Amanda”

Que sera sera

Tuesday the 12th was Amanda’s birthday, Amanda is my nutritionist and guides on the food quality,quantity intake. When a debilitating stroke visits you, one of the ways to manage it is rehabilitation which includes and is not limited to a good nutrition. I have been introduced to meals like Pumpkin porridge and Chinese cabbage. MeenContinue reading “Que sera sera”

The Big Ten

The first few years of a child’s life are characterized by remarkable learning and growing. Around age 10, the child begins to transition to the next phase of their journey toward adulthood. New ideas and conceptions begin to form. This is why the 10th birthday is a very important milestone: It marks the end ofContinue reading “The Big Ten”

Hades Factor

Life imititates art especially when you are into arts a lot. The last two years have been a pilot episode of the world’s largest Hades Factor and 4.11million people have joined Hades, Uganda having 395 people of the statistics. I have used Facebook as a benchmark because it is my journal entry and this isContinue reading “Hades Factor”