40/40 Partner

I have always believed in social entrepreneurship and identifying with good causes. In perfect health, I used to identify with 40 days over 40 smiles Foundation headed by the amazing Esther Kalenzi the causes would varry but all would be geared at supporting the vulnerable children in support of their education, learning outcome and treatmentContinue reading “40/40 Partner”

Death of my Father; The tragedy that made me who I am; A review

Tragedy makes men break while others break records. This was my conclusion and takeaway after reading this book. The author, Lydia Mazzi Kayondo-Ndandiko presents to the reader,a story of determination, resilience and hardwork following a tragedy in December 1992 when her father George William Kayondo went to be with the Lord under unclear circumstances. Lydia,whoContinue reading “Death of my Father; The tragedy that made me who I am; A review”


Yesterday the 28th,I woke up with the program, ‘ Morning Breeze’p on my mind, the reason is simple, I wanted to watch Dr. Kabumba speak on the wrap of 2022 and the wishlist for 2023. The topical discussion got me interested and he jocked about the appearance on Facebook. So I wake up and turnContinue reading “Doctors”

9 Years ago.

Facebook is illegal in Uganda,there was a quarrel (petty I must say) . Starting from then, there was an express order to the ISPs not to direct traffic to the site and Ugandans being Ugandans bypass the Firewalls and tunnel through the Very Possible Networks (VPN). A good friend who stays in Nairobi recently amusedContinue reading “9 Years ago.”