Patriarchy is a shame

Partriachy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. There are certain things which society accepts only when they’re done by men. When women do them, they are condemned. In many ways, our society is still rooted in a deeply chauvinistic labyrinth whereinContinue reading “Patriarchy is a shame”

Silent Struggle

My struggle is silent and let’s know why. I got a Celebrovascular accident (CVA) also known as a stroke impairing speech. The long term strategy would be to walk and speak again. For a person whose trade was speech,who participated in a moot competition in Washington DC and was doing radio punditry on radio. LosingContinue reading “Silent Struggle”

Beautiful Chaos.

Life has no particular order. It doesn’t have a particular sequence in which things should happen. Sometimes the best way to live is to embrace the beauty in the chaos and live on. My beautiful Chaos is writing,it happens against a backdrop of a stroke that babied me and made me helpless. I write withContinue reading “Beautiful Chaos.”

While I’m waiting

There’s a song on my mind,’while I’m waiting’ by Travis Greene. The song was suggested by Aunt Kay as Tim calls her. Every Wednesday,Tim organizes an online fellowship twice a month . One of the writings we were reflecting on,was Tim’s Hope against Hope. For starters,I have been down with an illness for 4 years.IContinue reading “While I’m waiting”