Mayor of Casterbridge ;Taxi Tales

I have to assume that there’s an evolutionary advantage to having a brain which keenly remembers the bourbon-soaked magic carpet ride, but not its puke-on-the shoes, please help me God aftermath. The same holds for romantic relationships. The dreamy, eye-gazing moment of transcendent intimacy is recalled with perfect clarity, while the sleepless nights on aContinue reading “Mayor of Casterbridge ;Taxi Tales”

It was on the Christmas day of 2021 after the Afromeet that I placed a call to Husky and she called her son, Harvey to talk to me and I recall that he said a little prayer. Each time that I do call her, I ask about the H³ ( coinage mine). Harvey’s sister isContinue reading “H³”

Standing with me

Yesterday was a rare day, Silver stood by me,for the past six years , all the photos I have posted are when I am sitting in a chair or wheelchair and here is why , I don’t have the balance to stand.A stroke often causes weakness on one side of your body, which can makeContinue reading “Standing with me”

Faiza Fabs

Radio is life to some of us and D’mighty breakfast is the meal we need to break the fast while we were sleeping. No matter the side of bed that you woke up or the dreams that you had, a radio breakfast show will prepare you for the day . Whilst in the traffic jamContinue reading “Faiza Fabs”

Prayer – ABCD

There will never be Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, those two are untouchable . There’s something about Andrea Bocelli and that Italian barritoned voice that is almost similar to Pavarotti. I’m reminded of a scene in Shawshank redemption when Dufrein locked himself in the Warden’s office and played music for the Prisoners. “Red(Morgan Freeman): [narrating].”Continue reading “Prayer – ABCD”