The Hearts of Men

“Mwene, I stopped trusting men, you are sons of a gun”,I retorted, “That is too harsh my dear”. This was the conversation we had, she was doing internship. She was the kind who loved blogging and writing, she was the kind that would send an email with a wealth of suggestions that would make you smile.’Hakeem ‘(Eddy Murphy) told his dad in Coming to America ,”dad, I want a girl who will tickle my brains and not loins”. They say that art imitates life, and that’s my mantra when it comes to the other gender. I had to reread the employment manual just to make sure that I was on the right side of the ethical conduct. Technically, I was her line supervisor and she was a gem, she was a Gyza person. Heavens bless Gyza for churning out the people they do. We would meet up for coffee after work and talk life and career. I would always say,”choose career over Mwene because, career will not wake up one day and say that it’s over”. I would then subtly say,”Mwene will be your biggest fan and will cheer you on”.In one of the conversations we had, she opened up on why she stopped trusting men.”My dad was a runaway husband,he was a cheater and drunkard, one time,mum got sick and was admitted,then things got bad and she passed on, efforts to reach dad were futile as he was lost in his pleasures,then he came home to find the mourners gathered and on finding out,he reached out to get a hankie to cry and guess what he got out,a packet of condoms!”. “Cds Mwene, I cried not because mum’s body was lying in the living room, but because I had lost my dad as well, technically,he was dead to me, she then chronicled their journey about how they had started with nothing and how the dad changed after some time. “That’s why I don’t trust men and please be a better person to your wife “. That was a trap, wife, here I was chatting with my future wife and she was telling me about a wife. “That day, I lost my parents, my dad was alive but dead to me and that conversation is etched in my mind. Up to now, I despise cheating men and wonder what hearts they have.

Facebook is like my journal and I have opinions however unpopular they may be. Everyone in life should have an opinion on something but if you are a man out there just respect your woman. You don’t want to reach for your pockets in church during offertory and all there is are latex condoms,be better.


  1. Wow. This was a good read Mwene. Addressing the elephant in the room by your Facebook post. Very necessary conversation. You gender needs to definitely do better.

  2. Onyinye Udeh says:

    The male folks can do better. We have seen men who carry out their responsibilities respectfully with ease irrespective of the challenges so yes, I know it is possible.

  3. Bolaji Gelax says:

    Phew! If I start to talk ehn…

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