I’m loved; birthday reflections.

So this Thursday on 19th was my birthday, it was a time to thank heavens and reflect on life, as is the practice,I went for physiotherapy the almost daily routine, unknown to me my two good friends were planning a visit , Nantianna and scar were there when I returned, now you may wonder who these are but these are great people whom I had the opportunity to work with at centre for human rights and development, basically working around the aspects of health law and policy. I recall working late on S and Gs with scar and we actually used to walk to ntinda town with scar. The highlight of the day was us viewing clips of scar’s wedding which was on 31st August so it was a new mugole freeing time to be with me that was priceless actually nantianna had asked me to write a few sentences about scar to be included in the speech of friends. Thats how close we are. One thing which stood out was when scar and hubby were entering the church one would expect the choir to be liturgical and traditional but they sang John legend’s all of me, that was surprising and the lead guy did justice to the song Nantianna joked about the line..love your curves and edges. …in a Catholic Church! This is sacrilege mother Mary would be offended . The day went well and we cut cake and they sang and that was it they had to run. That single act left me thinking about friendship , humanity and fighting on. Kind people free their time to be with me. They were happy with the progress and told me to keep fighting on. Many times I’m asked. Boss where do you get the courage if I were in your shoes, I would have given up. My response is that what I came on earth for hasn’t started the journey we call life has many pitfalls but one thing is for sure, I’m loved and I will pay back by fighting to get back up thanks to all for the messages, books and flowers.

This is dedicated to nantianna and scar

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