Radio is life; Capital radio

So as I write this, Iam listening to the capital Gang on 91.3 capital FM. It has become a ritual for me and I love it and can say that it is the biggest political talk show in the land (Uganda).

Capital radio station first went on air on 31st December,1993 two weeks after Sanyu FM. William Pike(then Editor at the New Vision partnered with Patrick Quacoo, a Ghanaian Kenya based businessman to start up private radio in Uganda because there was the national radio (Radio Uganda). There was no legal regime addressing private radio stations. At the time, communication was managed by UPTC(Uganda Post and Telecommunication Company) before UCC (Uganda Communications Commission) was formed.

I can verily say that I have listened to the Gang since I was 11 and 20 years later, I am still listening. I recall Robert Kabushenga hosting and the guests were Winnie Byanyima,Frank Katusiime, Charles Onyango Obbo ,Nobert Mao and the sponsor was Ban Cafe. Post Bank later came on board as the sponsor.Right now the moderator is Oskar Semweeya Musoke and the sponsor is Star Cafe and Mega Yoghurt comes in when Moses Byaruhanga is the guest.

Now apart from the Gang, I loved the dream breakfast with Christine Mawadri, Oulanya Columbus and Alexander Ndawula. I have listened to Hakeem the dream before Flavia Tumusiime came on with the am to pm show. Gaetano and Lucky were on the afterdrive before being moved to the morning show.I listened to the KT20 and Juliana Kanyomozi was the host and Lillian Mbabazi and Moses Ssali have also hosted the same. There was Allan the Cantekarous who described himself as the most handsome man from Bunyoro. The most popular program among the young people was the late date,it was hosted by the late Ronnie Sempangi and ohhh he had a voice. Roger Mugisha also had a stint. Now as a result of the stroke I don’t have the luxury of stepping out or moving around, I am basically a prisoner of my body so I resorted to what I love, that is writing and listening to radio and Iam listening in. I’m alive to the radio garden app but I am an old man and makula radio it is.


  1. conniedia says:

    Love the history your such an old soul💕💕

    Cantankerous was once a neighbor but I think alcohol helped destroy his career…

    You forgot Jackie Lumbasi for the morning show aah that crew was also good…..

    Reminder down memory lane there is a time they got me through years ago…

    It’s been a while should tune in today

    1. yongyera says:

      Nake will kill me but so will Marcus

  2. Clare says:

    Iwe, what happened to Ban Cafe? They had the most delicious cupcakes…and coffee👌 Someone take me back🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

    1. yongyera says:

      It must have closed down

  3. Samuel Casa says:

    Started listening to capital in 2006, I know I might look young but even in p.6 time, I knew what Ronnie was upto and late Jimmy John’s kept me hooked every evening.
    This is the most listened show among the young adults

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