I’m still here

There’s a song by Juliana Kanyomozi,’ I’m still here’ with a line, I’ve been through the fire, been through the storm but I am still here. What does not kill you makes you stronger

I live by a highway and often I hear sirens by ambulances. Now given our nation,I used to think that drivers switch on the sirens to avoid the traffic jam. Actually some ambulances have been stopped only to find no one requiring ER.

November 2019 had plans. Now when you get a stroke, the chance of getting seizures are high. My kind of Stroke was Ischemic meaning there was not enough oxygen flow to the brain infact I had to be given thinners to prevent any possibility of blood clotting in the jugular vein. A Stroke damages the brain and this causes a scar tissue. Now in the process of scarring, there’s a likelihood of interrupting the electric activity in the brain thus causing a seizure.

The seizures came just after I had taken breakfast ready to go to the rehabilitation center which is which is nearby (I have no account on what happened because I had slipped into unconsciousness). So I am told the doctor was called and he quickly called for an ambulance and off we went. We must have made sirens so as to save the day because I was almost gone. I regained consciousness on Wednesday meaning that Monday and Tuesday I was literally in a comma. Waking up I realized that I had a Catheter on, now after a seizure, the brain can’t ably control a number one thus the need for a Catheter.I recall at the time an ECG Electro Cardiogram test was done to check how the heart was because a seizure alters the pulse and the rate at which the heart beats.

I have written about how God blessed me with friends. A few friends were informed and JP stood with my family to fundraise for the hospital bills. Now often times I ask myself, what did I do right to deserve the friends I have? The answer is simple,I was a good human who could have done the same if I were in their shoes perhaps so I am reaping from my actions.

The fact the seizures didn’t take me,they have made me stronger and Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evil goes a line.

If the ambulance hadn’t been in time, November would mark two years after my passing but guess what, I’m still here.


  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    Bold, courageous to write this, the aspect of friends is very special. This is inspirational to start the week.

  2. conniedia says:

    We celebrate your life…
    We thank God your still here to tell us about it

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