Africa’s Solution.

Education is another site that the youth must claim. Perhaps the most important. Through the demands of institutional transformation and the opening of doors of learning, we must design an education system truly geared towards an auto-centric African developmental agenda. We have an obligation to fashion a higher civilisation. It begins with being able to self-critique and to be honest about ourselves as a people.

We need to stop painting our leaders as perpetual victims of the West, because while it is true that the West is responsible for a lot of structural problems in Africa, what is equally true is that our own leaders are no better.And given that they are our own, are actually worse than the West. We need to stop protecting them. We need to stop protecting reactionaries. We need to stop defending mediocrity in the name of being Africanists. Being an Africanist is not defending everything African. It is defending Africa from anything that is threatening its renaissance.

The West will only come for their interests and not for the Black folks. It’s high time we realized that there are no better saviors than ourselves. The British have a saying,”Take care of the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves”. While you complain of the traffic jam, wait for a minute and see who’s driving. You cannot complain of slums when you continuously pay for the menial labor peanuts, you are not solving the bigger problem of bad housing. What you can begin with is advocating for better pay because in the long run,bad housing will be history. So be the change you want in society, celebrate honesty and society will be less corrupt but it begins with you.


  1. Beautiful piece Mwene.
    I sense the urgency in your writing.
    I totally agree. African problems need African solutions and the legal sector is the largest carrier of laws that don’t fit the setting.
    Hence the education corruption as well.
    Its an ingrained systemic change that needs a whole generation to swtich. But still we will do the best we can with what we have to create the change we seek.

    1. yongyera says:

      Thanks, Daniella

    2. Almost everyone knows Africa’s solution but you wonder why it seems like rocket science before elderly people.

      Much to take away from this.

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