Mother’s Day

Sometimes it is proper that we write to our dear ones as a way of remembering and celebrating them. Now May is a bad month,it is when maama slept. I wrote in remembrance of her

I hope that there is internet in heaven where some angel prints this and then says,”kaaka, you have a letter” ,So here I go.

Dear kaaka,they say that time heals but one phrase describes your departure,”you left me in a hole that I try to climb out of daily”. Ofcourse they say that we are supposed to move on but this is no heartbreak, it’s the departure of your personal person

It was in 2001, when you slept, for some reason I was asked to go home because the family and medics knew better and wanted you to sleep peacefully. I remember seeing a hospital van with Bre and Aunt Loice and as soon as we saw them, they began crying. I guess the beautiful lie was over and the ugly truth had set in. Truth be told, I perhaps didn’t know the implications of your sleeping because of the strong support system that I have always had even in this difficult time that I am in.

I tell myself that I inherited your intelligence because science tells us that the x chromosome is responsible for intelligence and mothers have two of those chromosomes. Indeed life was going well and I had made plans to do join the Academia. In perfect health, I would probably be writing a PhD and writing on. Well the irony of life is that Iam writing (typing) with the right hand as the left hand is paralyzed and unable to type. You see I was destroyed in November,2016. I suffered a severe stroke and it took my speech and movement. So basically I am a prisoner of my own body working hard to recover.

One of the most important words you used to tell me casually is, haza Rola ogire obuntu nibukukuha abantu bakuhe ebintu (exhibit humanity,it will get you people who will give you things). Looking at my life and the past few years, I can say that the Lord blessed me with friends and I must have done something right to deserve the love and support. In most cases Friends yes fundraise but a time comes and they go away. Now the fact that they are still rooting for my recovery is amazingly amazing.

There is something funny a while ago, I listened to my self meaning that I heard someone read from my blog and I said, “wow that guy is brave” . Now one thing that recently made me cry is a video of my bazukkulu( that is what I call my pweety nieces and nephews,did you know that I am the old man hehehe yet I am on the third floor hehehe that is madness. So I told you about their hard names and I told you of the sleeping on of Shiba, so Birthia makes a video wishing me a happy birthday and tells me that if I want cake, I have to go to Bidenland to get the cake from the fridge ( ono Omwana ajooga) the Sheldon and Sean’s keep asking me when I will go back to see them infact Sheldon specifically asks for a puppy ( must be the Dad’s influence). So twenty years after your departure here we are.

You gave me life but Jesus gave me hope.And its keeping the hope alive that will get us there.Lastly, is there VPN wherever you are because I am assuming that Lucifer likes thwarting the connection. Sleep easy and Rest in power Kaaka.


  1. She gave life and Jesus gives HOPE, FAITH AND LOVE. The greatest being LOVE, thank you for loving her and teaching us to love, and write letters to Heaven. Surely, the mailbox is one that is long anticipated. I know that my Mum met Kaaka, in Heaven and they are friends.

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  3. Amanda Twebaze-Nutritionist says:

    Sweet Kaka♥️♥️.. I was scared to open this particular post up, in fear that I would be reminded of my own angel mummy but more than anything its made me appreciate that I had a chance at life with her at one point in time. Thank you for soothing us small small with your writing..

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