Tragedy with our Educational system

The biggest tragedy about our education system is that it treats students as if they have a uniform way of learning. It fails to take into consideration the fact that there is no one universal application of teaching that can cater to students’ learning differences. Some students’ learning style is auditory, they understand better when a teacher explains to them as opposed to when they have to read through a textbook. Some students are visual learners, they understand better when they look at graphics, demonstrations or read from textbooks. Some learners are kinaesthetic, they understand better when they do practical work. What this means is that if a kinaesthetic learner is placed in a classroom where they are forced to learn by listening to a teacher, they will most likely under perform. The same would happen if a visual learner were forced to be auditory. This is what the education system of our country does: it judges fish by their ability to cycle.

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