It was on the Christmas day of 2021 after the Afromeet that I placed a call to Husky and she called her son, Harvey to talk to me and I recall that he said a little prayer. Each time that I do call her, I ask about the H³ ( coinage mine). Harvey’s sister is Hailey and mum is Husky so I think H³ is the perfect description. In one of my old posts, my reply to her comment was that Harvey should be inspired. There is a time Hailey took over the mum’s phone and was typing away any letter of the keyboard and Husky had to delete and you know how the ‘message deleted’ looks awkward but I thought it was okay. Earlier in the afternoon, I received a package and it had the most beautiful and thoughtful words from H² I had to let the words sink in because these are the words that remind you of love and support. Ever since I fell ill, never for a day have I ever felt abandoned or alone. And that is the most important therapy because it keeps me alive

Dear Husky,Harvey and Hailey, my heart is full and glad as I write this, thank you for the daily prayers our God is a faithful one and I will be well.

Now let me talk about Husky, in one of the first conversations we had ,she sent me a link to a URSB and the discussion centered on copyright. She later applauded me for my vulnerability in storytelling. She later nominated me for the AB awards so that is how much she believed in my writing. Every Saturday after listening to the Capital Gang on radio there’s a program that reminds me of her and that is Ruff cuts by DJ Nyowe on 91.3 Capital FM because there’s of the reggae music .

Recently she was interviewed by Queen Muriel on Vulnerability in Relationships and my oh my, it was pure wisdom and perhaps I should reflect on it ahem ahem. Husky and family have been amazing and they continue to root for me. Love lifts us at our lowest and this is to say, I love you right back.

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