The Afromeet

“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family.- Don Corleone” ― Mario Puzo, The Godfather. Let me tell a little story, I had given blogging a break for this year and was left with reading books,as a matter of fact I was reading, ‘Half a yellow sun’, before the Afromeet happened. First I get a text from Trisha about the directions apparently, resident chief, Shadray had given the wrong direction, must have been the Smirnoffs at work, well the place was found,it was actually nearby but thanks to Shadray,he had misled the others. There is one lifelesson that came to mind.

So the Afrobloggers Uganda Chapter freed their time to be with the old man and for some of them,it was the first time they were meeting, let me perhaps tell you how the friendships began. I joined/was discovered by the Afrobloggers in October 2020, Justynlove was among the first people I interacted with when I joined, she is the kind that reads posts and is kind with feedback, she is the one who reads posts and her eyes land on a typo, she’s that meticulous. Tikia who didn’t make it because of Eren was another writing buddy I made in Afrobloggers. Patricia is a friend I reach out to and recently it has been me doing thematic writings on which her book is based, guys relax she is a toastmaster champion and an Afrobloggers awards Winner. Lutgard whom I refer to as my Associate Professor of Nutrition asked me to review her book though I must insist that Olive did beat us with the review.Joy is my OG because of mutual friends and I am always asking her about Ava and Mackyla.Shadray is Marvin, the more reason he misdirected others. Rogers was grilled over the letter he wrote,if you asked me, there was nothing like emotions between the words, it seemed like he was doing some assignment of letter writing. Connie Dia one time asked me to answer a few questions only for me to think about a blog post, that’s how I can get. There was a lot of talk on 2022 and let me come in with my screenshot. A resolution is like a crying baby, IT MUST BE CARRIED OUT IMMEDIATELY.One amazing thing is that aside from the general conversations, I have had private conversations with everyone that came. That’s empathy redefined. Love lifts us up at our lowest and today,it did

Let us get in the habit of self reflection and we will be good to go in 2022. Thank you to the Afrobloggers for loving me and let us keep the fire burning. I have one prayer,we need an Austin and Eunice, Uganda Chapter its possible, let me come back, atleast I met,’Eunice’.


  1. justine love says:

    Awww🤗🤗🤗 thanks Mwene, your write-ups are legendary. I love reading

  2. Bolaji Gelax says:

    My Ugandan siblings ❤️

  3. We should do this again…hahah

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