Dear Ladygodiva

For the first time this is not a rant, banter or anything annoying. This is rather a letter to a friend miles away whom Iam beginning to immensely miss. If you had been around on your birthday perhaps we could have gone to that spot of yours in Wandegeya for Luwombo or bought nsenene from these roadside vendors. Then drowned our happiness in Red wine as we chat about feminism, development and human rights.
I have known you for close to 13years from the time we went for PE(physical Education) up to now when we exchange missives. You are one of the few people that I treasure. Our disagreements notwithstanding make me respect you even more. Ofcourse I am annoying sometimes and so are you but well what would a friendship without annoyance be like? I see these days you are struggling with black consciousness, trying to wonder how to classify the good white population. It is perfectly okay, you know issues like those need pondering and context. When you are aware about historical injustices it is hard to think that there is any good person out there but that is for another day.
One time you complained, “But Roland can’t you be like other mortals and post your comment” well I am still grappling with my immortality, I did not want to post HBD on your wall. Maybe a skype call would have been better, maybe a hangout would have sufficed. But still I believe that this writing will be on the internet pages and years from now when bored you can go back and read. That is priceless. In otherwords forgive my lengthy talk I think the three words you want to hear are “happy belated birthday”. Cheers.


  1. Jolz says:

    we are used to the lengthy talk anyway

    1. yongyera says:

      Then that makes it better I think I aptly failed summarizing in English compositions back then.

  2. Aaaaawww. This is such a nice birthday message Rwamuguma! Trust you to try to upstage everyone with a whole blog post. Thank you very much and I look forward to our future conversations/ arguments.
    I also look forward to more sweet non ‘ranty’ messages 🙂

  3. Aaaawww. This is such a nice birthday message Rwamuguma. It is so you to try to upstage everyone with a whole blog post! Thank you very much, I look forward to our future conversations/ arguments and to more sweet, non ‘ranty’ letters 🙂

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