Letter to self

Last week while looking at self in the mirror, I reflected on crises but equally told self,why don’t you write to self and here we go

Dear self, I have been thinking about you lately. You have been through so much. No one knows the depth of your pain and suffering but you. It feels like everything you touch turns into ash, from your hopes to your dreams. You often feel invisible and lost; life has not been fair to you; nor has it been what you imagined and expected. You have been hurt, broken, You have made abhorrent mistakes and doubted yourself. You have struggled tremendously and sometimes it feels like you are chasing wind.

Dear self, be content and live ,I hope you can keep fighting even when you feel like giving up on you.Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you started.I hope you can accept the losses and concetrate on the small wins in the recovery. I’m happy that even in the midst of the storm, you find a way with humor.I love that you write, that moment when you feel down, I love that the ink sways to the rythm. People may praise you but don’t let that get into your head. I love that you have untethered your soul to be free from the failures of yesterday and of the day yet to come.Your soul being free enables it to discern counsel from unnecessary heaps of praise . There’s peace in the silence and I love how you do it. The irony of it is your speech impairment because you can’t say alot anyway.

Dear self, I hope you stop disguising sadness and allow self to cry because crying doesn’t mean that you are weak, but you have been strong for too long.Learn that bottling up feelings won’t help you, you remember the last time you felt like a Ninja,it ended with antidepressants.

Dear self, I am grateful for where you are at and excited about where you are going. I am so proud of how you take on storm after storm. Your ability to try again and again amazes me. I love how brave you are, how you courageously get up after every fall. Even when you feel you can’t hold on anymore, I appreciate you for not letting go. I admire your resilience and ability to remain strong and keep going. You are my hero.

I love it that you met/were discovered by Afrobloggers,I can’t say that you are splendid via writing but I love what I read, yes I read from you, I see a human who has taken solace in writing and has found it as a resting place from troubles around them.

Dear self, don’t be like the rest of them because you’re one in a million. Thank you for being you. The you that endures everything and never complains. The you that never gives up even when there’s no hope up. Your will and tenacity will always make a way. I am grateful to be you. You are the greatest person I have ever met. I treasure and love you.


  1. Samuel Casa says:

    I see alot of confidence here and this is what everyone should be telling self. Thank you sir

  2. Yuri says:

    A thoughtful letter to self. I found this to be very empowering. Thank you for sharing your letter.

  3. Beautiful reminder that we need to appreciate ourselves and our progress 🌸

  4. Amanda Twebaze-Nutritionist says:

    I can’t help but wonder how other stroke patients without the gift of writing so beautifully are able to cope.. You are our gift, Roland, I should donate my name, Kiconco, to you. Thank you for reminding us that conversations with ourselves are the most important to have..

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