Covidpreneurship; the case of high costs by the hospitals.

In Uganda,every happening is looked at as a cash cow right from CHOGM, the locusts, so when covid-19 happened, the government officials as usual looked at it from an entrepreneurship context. There have been reports of people bribing out of the mandatory quarantine as early as last year,a move that endangered the population but our government is special and we have to let it be.

Now covid-19 is serious and killing folks. And the hospitals ( private) have decided to up the costs to the extent that some have began requesting for a deposit before treatment can resume.

Most patients have resorted to home based care which is discouraged. But here is the reason. Our nation has more members of Parliament (529) than the total number of ICU beds so you can get the level of preparedness.

One would have expected that the first government lockdown was going to enable us adequately prepare on revamping the health care systems but we are amazing as we have our priorities elsewhere.

Government in 2012, helped with the building of hotels in preparation for the CHOGM. It can and has the means to engage with the private health care givers by subsidizing costs and revising taxes on imported machines. With such an initiative, then government can act tough. However, you can’t leave health to the private sector and expect such not to happen. Ours was once a country.


  1. Indeed!
    Surprisingly, people are at the verge of leaving dead bodies of their loved ones in facilities due to the high costs of treatment. Morever very few of them survive in these facilities.

    There are so many questions about our health care system? Would we for instance have done better had the government listened to the key messages of a number of CSOs advancing the rigjt to healthnand not remain aloof to these cries?
    It is in times like this that countties like Uganda need to wake up and get back to a drawing board in order to retrieve the health care system. This, to me is the only positive point i pick out of the outbreak of COVID-19!

    1. Kunihira Winfred says:

      People are already rejecting dead bodies

  2. Kunihira Winfred says:

    Wat is left? I was hoping to read more Roland….

    1. yongyera says:

      Well today there’s going to be a meeting between the private health facilities and government to see a way forward, the private health facilities have made their demands so as to come to a compromise

    2. Onyinye Udeh says:

      I think the challenge with the health sector is a common thing in African. Sadly COVID-19 helped expose it greatly.

  3. Mbabazi Moses says:

    Well put Mwene

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