Last week or thereabout was Naki’s Faeha’s birthday, she must have made 9. The reason I remember is that Faeha represents the Maternal Health Rights journey. I recall a photo of Naki leading women in a demonstration and she was pregnant.I think that was the best advocacy strategy for such a cause.

Petition 16 was filed when I was a lawschool newbie (fresher) and the ruling on the AG’s PO came when I was in second year. At the time my former lecturer was writing something on the political question doctrine and was comparing it to Baker v Carr and I was asked to give a comment and being the political animal, I reasoned that matters for determination were of a political nature, that was my freedom to Naivety. I was in second year and hadn’t appreciated Human Rights and the obligations of Treaties, In 2015, CEHURD with other CSOs appeared before the legal committee of Parliament, one of the suggestions was engrainining the right to health in the constitution to which Mitooma Woman MP, Jova Kamateeka asked a question as to why we were suggesting so, I knew about the dualist principle of International Law and I ably told the committee that International Obligations ought to be translated to national Law, this was perhaps asking for too much but I was glad that Bugweri MP,Abdu Katuntu agreed with me on the principle.

Facebook is my journal entry.

The whole CEHURD family has stood with me and continues to stand with me and I can’t thank you enough.

The CEHURD family.

When MM came to see me in 2017,I reminded him that the traffic is Hakuna Mchezo I guess humor is part of copying up, when life throws lemons at you, you don’t sit down and cry, rather you work your way up to recovery.

May was a terrible month, my friend joined the statistics of mothers that succumb to child birth complications. One can say rightly say that she was failed by the system and it gives me hope to see that you are doing great in holding the government accountable.

I have thus taken to writing which is therapeutic for me as it gives me clarity and keeps me going. I write about my journey with stroke and as usual do social political commentary.I have written about covidpreneurship I became a prisoner of hope because and was happy when the order of mandamus was issued. I am now a prisoner of hope, Hope is a good thing perhaps the best of things and no good thing dies. I sent MM a message of the journey of CEHURD at 10. The brain is amazing, even with the irony of a stroke, my autobiographical memory is perfect Mukuume omwoyo gwa CEHURD ogutakoma like Getrude would put it. Great week and keep it up


  1. Nakibuuka Noor Musisi says:

    Mwene! You made me smile this morning. The mere fact that you relate Faeha to petition 16 and that she does refer to herself as petition 16 is all awesome. She made 9 years old indeed and thank you for the post.

    1. yongyera says:

      Most obliged, Noor

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