The Annual Kaana End of Year Christmas party 2021

Times like these in perfect health,meant a fundraiser and making children happy. These are the little ones (0-14years) suffering from Cancer. The most common cancers are leukemias, followed by brain and other CNS tumors, lymphomas, neuroblastoma, kidney tumors, and malignant bone tumors . My good friend, Maureen Mwagale and others always organize a Christmas party at the Children’s Cancer Ward, Mulago Hospital to just get the children happy and make the season memorable.

There are no cures for any kinds of cancer, but there are treatments that may cure patients. Many people are treated for cancer, live out the rest of their life, and die of other causes. Many others are treated for cancer and still die from it, although treatment may prolong life. With that in mind and given Uganda’s limping health care system, management/treatment can be expensive and exhaustive. Most of the little ones cannot go home to be with family and have caretakers with them. It was against this background that an idea of a party was birthed and this year’s is slated for the 21st December,2021.

I have learned from experience that the best way you can do to someone in pain is to be with them, nothing beats that empathy. My friends have organized the event from 2013 and it is always nice to be with the kids and see the smiles on their faces. Even with the current times, extra SOP’s are followed but the children have to have a memorable Christmas. I for one know what crowdfunding can do because I am a beneficiary of such, you just have to identify with the cause.

Humanity is the greatest gift and to bless a kid, you can get them a hamper at UGX 50,000 the contact person is Ayesiza Patience on 0772 073244 . What these little ones need is love and care. Cancer is a very difficult disease and we can lighten the burden by being part of this. You can do this and getting more than one hamper is not bad. We look forward to your generous gift.

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