Doctor Christopher Muhawe

“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family.- Don Corleone” ― Mario Puzo, The Godfather. p41. Christopher is a brother and friends are relatives that we pick on in life, infact the good book talks about Friends that stick more than brothers and Christopher is Such one,he is the definition of an intentional friend and one time when he had flown back home, the first stop in the morning was to check on me. That’s what it means to be intentional with friendship so I don’t take it for granted. Christopher was my classmate at Lawschool and I vividly remember our first group coursework in Constitutional Law was on Canons of Constitutional Interpretation and I dare add that it was one of the best assignments that we did as we were telling how the Constitution is interpreted in case a petition is filed. In third year,I was his seconder for the nomination of the position of Member of Parliament for Law School at the University Guild so that is how much I have believed in his abilities and leadership. Up to now, some Old Boys still call him,HP because he was the Head Prefect in High School .Christopher writes opinions and this was his Scholarly view on Vehicle Trackers in Uganda and was recently shocked on learning that the Case was dismissed . Christopher has strong views on Climate change and the Israel- Palestine conflict

Christopher stays in Urbana, Illinois and on one of the visits back home. I was on his mind that as soon as he arrived overnight ,the first person to check on was me and that goes ahead to show the kind of brotherhood we share

Christopher’s wife, Feeza came to check on me as soon as I had gotten ill and I remember the message that I typed on my Nokia200 Asha then,my other phone was spoiled and I was warning him to go slow on his legal commentary lest some people would be annoyed and this I wrote was not good. You know writing in these marvelous countries of ours comes with self censorship because you don’t want to step on the state’s toes so you choose academic language to bring up your point and that is what Chris would do.

Christopher has been pursuing a PhD(JSD) on Cyber law and his thesis is ,”Empirically Mapping the judicial and legislative protection of Privacy”. In simple terms , you can say that Chris has gone an extra step on Privacy Protection and litigation therefrom. I know that it takes discipline to undertake a Ph.D. as I have been a research assistant on one. There is a silent rule on persons pursuing a PhD , you never ask them when they are getting done, you wait for the update .

A few days ago , Chris told me about the Dissertation defense and invited me to attend it since it was by zoom . I learned a lot in his defense and he surely unpacked the privacy rights harm and the issue of standing as a litigant. The committee of the University and examiners have been satisfied with Candidate Christopher Muhawe has been awarded a Doctor of Juridical Science and in the Uganda speak , I can say that he is a Doctor , well done well done Ndugu. May life continue being kind to you. Glad to have witnessed history .

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