Yesterday the 28th,I woke up with the program, ‘ Morning Breeze’p on my mind, the reason is simple, I wanted to watch Dr. Kabumba speak on the wrap of 2022 and the wishlist for 2023. The topical discussion got me interested and he jocked about the appearance on Facebook. So I wake up and turn on Afromobile app because I wanted to watch the program, Nowadays viewing is for paid up members so I try to pay in vain until I decided to wake up and watch the television all in a bid to catch the show. I did share a class with the good doctor and before you begin asking questions, we did a Swahili language course at Alliance Francaise about seven years ago. The Cabinet of Uganda has started having Swahili language lessons but seven years ago,we had the vision to learn the language . BK, one time he shared an update which up to now cracks me up , I later met Doctor Kuyang Logo after the satirical post was shared. Doctor Kuyang Logo came with her husband to check on me sometime a while back.

Satire drives the point home

Writing it as a quote was meant to shield me as I could say that I am not the original person who wrote it. Our Swahili language lessons were on Saturday morning with Dr BK and a few other colleagues and in one of the Saturdays, he never attended the Capital Gang but chose to do a call in participation, that is how much he values classes.

The other Doctor on the show was Mr Mulumba Moses. MM as we call him is my mentor and Life coach. I joined CEHURD as a research assistant to MM who was writing his PhD at the time. Writing is not easy and I surely learned a lot . Coming up with theories is no easy and takes a lot of reading and application of the knowledge. Ever since I fell ill, I had never asked about the progress of the PhD because you don’t ask about the progress of the process from a PhD candidate you just wait till they are done and in November, the PhD was awarded to MM. While writing the PhD I had some Key Informant Interviews as part of the data collection and I interviewed BK . Key informant interviews are qualitative in-depth interviews with people who know what is going on in the community. When it comes to the Constitutional history perspective, there’s none better than BK. The interview was in the car as he had a busy day, but when you are a researcher and a KII grants an interview out of their schedule, you first thank heavens then you get on with it. Later in the afternoon, MM called and asked if I was around and he passed by and it was great seeing him and being told how the writing that we began has borne . So this is why I had to wake up and watch NBS TV, the two doctors were on and I have a connection to each of them. MM talked about the kneeling symbolism of the head of the Uganda Medical Association and I recalled that I had reflected on kneeling eight years ago, that is the power of writing. So as we end this year let me wish you a happy and prosperous new year and may 2023 be a year of possibilities.

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  1. Albert says:

    This is a great piece old man

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