Dear One; the Ashabaheebwas

I write to you not as two but one because you have made vows before the Lord to hold and to love and therefore you are one. Let me break down the letter to the two who are now one . Genesis 2:24 is instructive, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” NIV version says, That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

Dear Grace my little Sister today is a good day to celebrate the Lord. I decided to write this small Note today you and your best friend hand-write letters to each other on your birthdays and I thought, why don’t I write you this note. Today is a happy day and every day should be a Thanksgiving day. I have seen you grow into an amazingly beautiful , intelligent, astute but most importantly, a responsible lady ,remember that beautiful red dress you liked, from Jack and Jill to Kingsway then Kashozi to Gyza and the Mubs days so I can comfortably call you my little one. Remember that ,”Shwenkulu, enyima oku twafuna akavuyo”. You have not changed a bit and I celebrate you. I thank you for letting love win by accepting Timothy. You see many years ago , “Mumbejja” let love win when she met the good Honourable and the rest like they say is history.

To Timothy,I recently wrote something to Grace to which she excitedly replied , that is Timothy please read it that’s you I was describing She always was updating me and after the proposal, she said something along the lines of her and her best friend doing life together and here we are. In fact I joked that the Grace I know must have organized a photo shoot on the engagement and she replied with that emoji holding hands over the face because I know Grace. You have found a gem in Grace, one that is virtuous and a great life partner. Like Aunt Betty aptly put it ,”wafuna isasi”.

Now evidently you are an industrious young man full of vision.I have always trusted Grace to make an informed choice and in you she has found a life friend and partner.

You are now Grace’s anchor in life’s Ocean and to her you are her best friend. I wish you nothing but the Lord’s blessings. Please put the Lord first in everything and your marriage will flourish. One thing I can say about Grace is that she is always intentional with what she puts her heart to and have no doubt that you are going to start a beautiful life long journey Welcome to the family .Happy Marriage have God in your marriage and you shall have all the Godfidence, Remember that Marriage is a verb you keep working on it. You know those 26 letters of the Alphabet, how about I break them down for the one today;This is not for the one alone but other married guests here as well. We can call it the annual guide , each letter starts a sentence. There are 52 weeks in a year , how about you meditate on a letter for the two weeks and after a year , you should get back to me .Egyi ne entanda eyinabatsibira.Grace, you know I love monitoring and evaluation, once in a while, I shall be finding out what letter you are at but for now , you start with M. I call this, Project, Happily Together and by the Lord’s grace , it shall be.

A: Always love your spouse.
B: Believe in each other.
C: Celebrate each other often.
D: Don’t argue but always reason together.
E: Expect imperfections from your spouse.
F: Fix solutions to problems quick
G: Go for a walk together once a week.
H: Hold each other’s hands often.
I: Ignite the passion in your spouse daily.
J: Just laugh over issues worth criticizing.
K: Kill the spirit of unhealthy competition.
L: Let your spouse know your movements.
M: Make love like newly weds.
N: No separate room for you both.
O: Oppose any intruder or third party.
P: Pray together always.
Q: Quality time should be spent together.
R: Resist every temptation of infidelity.
S: Stay positive to each other’s vision.
T: Take no record of past offence.
U: Utilize every opportunity to bond.
V: Visualize a glorious future together.
W: Win each other’s admiration daily.
X: X-ray your lives together.
Y: Yell not at each other for any reason.
Z: Zip your mouth when you’re angry.

Grace, On Thursday ,you were given wine pending today by Timothy’s sisters and this is my understanding, the oldest wine is about 1600 years and that is the sweetest wine, you know that common wish of,”age like fine wine”, marriage is like wine, the longer it takes, the sweeter it gets. On Thursday, you saw the Honorable talk about how many years he has been in this life journey and how he was happy with the Mumbejja, many years from now, I want Timothy to stand with you smiling and say the same exact words. Much love from the Big brother Roland

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