The Twinokwesigas

“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family.- Don Corleone” ― Mario Puzo, The Godfather. p41. Friends are relatives that we choose and in the Twinos, I found a family. Alexander, Annet and Angel are my people,the last time I saw the three was at the rehabilitation center when they had come to check on me, all I could afford was a smile.

Alexander was one of the first friends to check on me at the hospital when I had fallen ill in 2017, I could see the worry on his face as he inquire about my condition from the medical personnel. After that a group of friends met and embarked on a crowd fundraiser for my rehabilitation, Alexander was one of the three contact persons whose Telephone number was displayed for purposes of receiving that money. That’s Alexander for you.

Alexander and I shared a hostel at campus and it’s amazing how most of us (the lawyers) are still in touch and communicate with each other frequently. Omusingo wa Rwanyanshando is what I fondly call him. We are both readers and the love for books and the law kept us together. We are the people who look at a writing and the first thing we see is a typo. Lesser minds call it OCD because they have been comfortable with mediocrity that it gets engrained in your DNA. I remember Alexander once bought a book which had been poorly or not edited at all, he got a highlighter and highlighted all the typos and oh my, it looked like a kid was shading in the book they were so many! Every Sunday we would lounge in the hostel patio and begin discussions from the law, entertainment and politics. Now before you wonder why Sunday, did we not pray? We were at a Christian University and we had Community worship during the week so we were good to go.

At the time I had opened up a blog, I loved being in the community of creatives and Alexander opened up such a community and I remember the conversation we had, my reply was ‘lex hoona ekyo buzima nombuuza? I’m all in ‘ That was the most amazing group, it had Magunga, Kahill and other amazing writers.

Alexander and Annet came to check on me and I was at my worst, I had seriously regressed and at the time was struggling with depression,anxiety and sleep loss.

People see you in their free time but Family frees up time to check on you

Now it’s prudent that I write about the main people ,the Twinokwesigas. To Daphine and Alexander I wish you nothing but the best in your new journey, marriage is like wine, the more it takes,the better it gets. Best wishes to the Twinokwesigas

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  1. May God bless their union.

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