The Gelax chatroom

Over the last couple of days, I have given the Uganda conversation a break(rhetoric about politics) and concentrated on worthier topics rather than existential needs. Of-course if you haven’t studied astronomy or taken interest in planets, you would be forgiven for taking our Earth for granted, but when you realise how planets orbit around the Sun, how for example Venus rotates so slowly that it takes longer to rotate on its axis than around the sun, a day in Venus is longer than a year on earth. Neptune hasn’t completed a single orbit since it was discovered in 1846. How the protective layer around earth enables survival against meteorites and asteroids miss the earth by just inches and degrees, The beauty and asymmetry of the Universe cannot help but show the beauty of the earth we live on.

The Galaxy aside,let me talk about Gelax and the person behind it, the sassy, beautiful Bolaji. I met her when I joined the Afrobloggers platform (this is far different from the Eunice and Austin story) . She read my life story and was happy that I was writing and encouraged me to send voicenotes and to wish her a new year. I have subsequently called her and she hears the words (this coming from a person with speech impairment is a plus. Today morning, I called her and she was so happy. I asked about Lagos and she heard me and replied, yeeyi. And now that I speak with the hand, I promise to give faith a fighting chance. Hope may be frail, but it never dies.


  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    Oh my days!🥺

    Mwene, words could never describe how my heart swells on days that your calls wake me up and your voice is the first I hear. I absolutely have no words! ♥️♥️♥️

    Your speech is getting clearer and that realization, each time, makes me really thankful and hopeful for you.

    Thank you for keeping this friendship going (I should really do better 🤦) but most importantly, thanks for caring about me as you do and deeming me worthy of a friendship.

    Mwene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, old Star-man! ♥️✨

  2. justynlove says:

    Bolaji is a lover indeed

  3. This is so beautiful!
    Keep the hope on Mwene.

    God bless your heart Bolaji

  4. conniedia says:

    It never dies🤝🤝🤝

    I got to know you because of Gelax she’s such a sunshine.

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