Dear Mushie

Today morning, I wanted to speak with you but I couldn’t, I have previously told you how I framed your message and how I look at it every day. You are my youngest friend and I treasure you.

The team with the old man. Mushie is at the right.

Now I look at your words every day as I framed them and they remind me that I am loved, and have to continue fighting.

Love lifts us up at our lowest.

I have been learning to walk and talk which is why I call your mom some days and I have to keep on keeping on. I will be honest, the going gets tough sometimes but I have to keep going. Right now there are some body imperfections but we shall get there.I know that you love cakes and baking. Recovery is a process, just like how you love cake, it undergoes a process to become a final product and that’s where we are. As long as we learn to value Progression no matter how small it is, the small wins will begin happening.

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  1. HER 💫 says:

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
    I nearly cried when I saw the letter 🥺
    Recovery takes time, and soon it will come.
    Stay strong friend

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