August Rush; Nerea

The sweetest language on Earth is Swahili, yes I said that, you need to listen to Nerea by Sauti Sol to find out. The production, blending guitar is heaven to the ears. Nakuomba Nerea Usitowa Mimbo yangu,Mungu akileta mtoto analeta saa ni yake. Leta ni tamlea.A guy is beseeching a lady not to get rid of the pregnancy reasoning that the Lord who brings forth children equally makes a way for them(brings them in his own time).He says, bring the baby to me and I will take care He then goes ahead,Huenda kawa Obama Atawale America, Huenda kawa Onyama Acheze soccer Uiengeleza, Huenda kawa Lupita Oscar nazo Akashinda. Basically the guy is saying that who knows who the baby might become. He mentioned names of great Kenyans like Tom Mboya(under whose initiative, Barry’s Dad was able to go to America. It’s a moral and good thing to talk about prolife choices,in perfect health I was into Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and had even secured a Masters at the University of Pretoria. This makes me the bad guy but listen I’m Prolife and equally Prochoice .In real sense, we are the most pro life people but we are misunderstood by moralists. The statistics of teenage pregnancies in this lockdown alone are high and this leads to unsafe arbotions that lead to death.So whereas Nerea is prolife,we should know that Prochoice takes the day as young people can make informed choices on the Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. The song is good to an extent that the father of the unborn guarantees responsibility and begs the mum to bring a child to him. Most of the Pregnant Teenagers can’t return home, these actually need community support rather than judgement

I’m a realist and I believe that young girls should have access to information on Sexual Reproductive Rights. Last year, the Uganda National Examination Board allowed Pregnant students to sit their examinations. This is because UNEB has woken up to reality.The hypocrisy with prolife is that life of the unborn must be preserved even if it means that the mother dies or gets complications like fistula.

Did you know that the Pope had views on contraception heretic as it may portray me, you need to read, In God’s Name by David Yallop and know exactly why, further read the Pontifical Report on birth control these discussions started as early as 1968, Whereas I appreciate where the church stands,I dare say that the Church ought to wake up to reality. Many christians will say that the God condemns Coitus interruptus but on a closer understanding, God was punishing Onan for disobedience to his instructions.

Whereas I am aware of the scriptural teaching on sex ,Iam equally awake that sex is supposed to be enjoyable in marriage and doesn’t have to lead to pregnancy all the time so that may mean that contraception can be used. Let me stop before I am called a heretic.

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