Beautyful Problems; Book Review

We are beautiful people lala with beautiful Problems God knows we got them all we gotta try lalala Everyday lalala. are the lines of Lana del Rey’s song and this has been on my mind since yesterday, the Chinese say that a curse is an answered prayer. Can the two words coexist? It takes mastery to beautify problems, I first read about Beautyful Problems, last Sunday by Tikia and on reading it,I knew the author and had his contact. To describe Godwin Matsiko Muhwezi, I would say that he is a brainy choleric. He was a year ahead of me in Lawschool so I know him. He reminds me of Aoron Sorkin the American playwright .

We are introduced to Goldie,a young Lawyer. Matsiko tells us the story through a catchy dialogue and situations bringing out our ethos as a community. The work politics of the workplace is cleverly twitched in like the Nabweru case, Honest Souls and Ugandans don’t exist in the same sentence but in Murefu, the mechanic we see honesty brought out in the conversation, I must say that the writing is Urban and relatable.I can remember the cross examination of Colonel Jessup in ,”A few good men” and that was Aoron Sorkin’s writing and the conversations herein are in my head. The chapterisation is on point as we are introduced to Priscilla and Genelas. I dare say the author maintained that name for a reason, first. Priscilla is Victor’s cousin and we are introduced to Family issues that would play an important part in the story. The work, relationships and life struggles are portrayed. One is left thinking, need HBO pick up the novella and turn it into a blockbuster movie? The description of events would make well known authors hide in shame.

The wit and intelligence used in this writing is amazing, Godwin weaves the words to portray the Ugandan work situation. Godwin brings out the relativity of morals as Goldie gets involved in a case that ends in kidnap/abduction, the reader is kept on their toes for the next thing. This, would make a perfect novella and in Matsiko we have a wonderful Picasso with words. The accuracy with which Godwin uses to paint the ‘Beautyful Problems’ is what hurt me. We are a product of the societal values and we are rigged. We have beautiful Problems and God knows them all.The story takes a dark turn and before we know it, we are hitting the epilogue, wait did it end, the end is that suspence where you are thinking, couldn’t the author take the character away. Godwin, wajooze Genelas, she is the one who doesn’t hear the details of the promotion but hears clearly the part of the increment. She is the one who needs help with her research.

The first time I read it to the last flawless paragraph,I read it again and it is lyrical, luminous, amazing and most importantly, written by a Ugandan. Godwin writes Beautyful Problems beautifully. If you are dissapointed by the ugly society problems, this book will introduce you to the beautiful Problems.

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