Conversation with a Defence attache

Whereas it is fashionable for everyone to have an opinion after an event,I will give my reflections on a conversation I had with a Defense attache 9 years ago at Serena Hotel, Kampala.It was the finals of a moot court competition and the subject was International Humanitarian Law, basically this is regulates armed conflicts and so the army is largely part of it, the army officers were judges at the moot court competition and these included the defense attache of the Republic of South Africa to Uganda.

At the cocktail after the event, we got talking and he was a brilliant conversationalist and we talked apartheid and a plethora of issues relating to the Black South Africans. He was not guarded in his talk which can be explained by the wine that we were taking. At the time, Cyril Ramapotha was poised to replace Thabo Mbeki and I had my reservation considering his COSATU leadership. He told me,”At your age, I was an idealist, but now I know better”. That left me wondering,Had his idealism hit reality? Some folks argue that the 15 month sentence was not a wise choice, That he could have been given a cash fine.

Fast forward, the #Freezumanow campaign has led to loss of lives,gangoism and a bad reputation. First I think Contempt of court by a former Head of State who is supposed to uphold and defend the constitution should attract jail time and Zuma has been accorded the due process. Hellen Zille in her reflections portrays Zuma as one who questioned judges as to whether they are elected which is Africa’s biggest challenge,self entitlement. Jacob Zuma has contempt of court mainly because he has no respect for the rule of Law. In 2012, there was the Massacre at the mines and people blame him for failure to reign in on the security forces. And he saw this coming because the African mentality of defending their own without asking evident. People like Zuma believe that South Africa owes them alot. They therefore engage in all kinds of corruption and greed because they know that the human shield will bay for their release. Bad leadership got us here. Perhaps this is idealism but had to put my point across.There is no honourable way to end a political career, its either in death or disgrace.

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