WABC 21 Story Telling#1 Daring to live.

Andrea Bocelli and Laura Paulsini in their song vivere capture my last four years, the first stanza stands out, “Try looking at tomorrow not yesterday, and all the things u left behind, all those tender words you did not say, the gentle touch you couldnt find, dare to live until the very last,dare to live forgetting abt the past, dare to live give something of yourself to others more even when it seems there’s nothing left to give” . Well for starters here is my story . I dare write that acceptance and adapting is the first step to moving on.

I decided to resume blogging basically to keep going because I am a prisoner of hope living one day at a time. Now I have realized that my story relates to even those in perfect health. Everyone has gone through ups and downs be it business or just personal life but guess what, you gotta keep moving. Sometimes it is the only option.

Ofcourse rising up after a fall is not easy but I have risen before. In Perfect health, I was the national administrator for the Jessup Moots. Basically a moot is a simulation of a Court case and this was about international law. In 2015, I lost my niece in an accident a week to the competition day. Now you would have expected me to get broken and drown in sorrow but guess what, the competition had to go on and successful it was. Yes at times we may get broken but even broken crayons do paint.

Writing for me is therapeutic,it gives me clarity on many things. I have picked many lifelessons on friendship that I write about. Now Afrobloggers platform is a blessing because it happened at the right time so recently, I got 100 followers and this is no mean achievement. Some people are in 300+ but it’s good to begin small small. I am mindful of the fact that I have to perhaps better myself and that’s daring to live .So yes I will keep writing ,pulosesi by pulosesi.

Thanks to the Afrobloggers community.


  1. So proud of you Mwene. Keep on writing. You inspire us.

    1. yongyera says:

      Thanks, Trisha

  2. tcndangana says:

    I agree with you, writing is therapeutic

  3. Wonani says:

    Congratulations Mwene 🎉🎉

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