Radio is life;Desert Island Discs, Capital Radio

So at 19:00HRS today being a Sunday,we shall listen to ordinary guests with extra ordinary stories. Well there’s a desert island discs on BBC radio 4 where each week a guest, called a “castaway” during the programme, is asked to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that they would take if they were to be cast away on a desert island whilst discussing their lives and the reasons for their choices.

Now the Ugandan version on the best radio station in the land (emphasis mine) Ugandanised the concept without watering it down. It takes brilliance, good personality to host such an interview on life journies and in Simon Kasyate,we have that. Where were you born? To whom were you born? These are the starters if I may call them so of the different guests. Atleast, Simon knew the answers when he hosted the sister, Monica sometime ago.

As is the tradition, I know guests by their choice of songs for example Kani by Wilson Bugembe was picked by Vincent Sseruuma URA, Professor Mondo Kagonyera went for Franco’s music. Rajiv Ruparelia went for more money more problems. John Nasasira went for Ruhanga Ankantorana. Amama Mbabazi has appeared twice first time in 2010 and was wowed at Balotelli’s brilliance and chose Time to say goodbye by Bocelli. Next was in 2016 and he said that while he was young,he hurt a Leopard and it bled, now anyone that understands the politics of the land understands what he was saying. Maxima Nsimeenta,a budding entrepreneur went for Godwin by Koredo. Andrew Mwenda went for cuban Highway by Dave Koz.

Finally to Simon, Kasyate thanks for making our Sundays with the best program in the land. Happy Father’s day, that daughter who tells you that you can become President should tell you other things like, you can become better than Deo Akope because you know the price of ambition of presidency in our land.

Now there are life lessons we the listeners learn. If kulemerako(persistence) was a person,it would be Rick, the founder of Safe boda, the guy has literally seen days and his story is an inspiration to many Ugandans. Simon, being a golfer talks golf with the guests who play golf. Recently, when Amos Nzeyi appeared,he mentioned of a time when his son got sick and he had to mobilize funds from his fundraise for the treatment from close friends reminded me of the fundraiser that was started by friends after suffering a stroke in 2016. The life stories by the average ugandan are what keeps us going. They are stories of hope, resilience especially in these hard times.

The best answer to the Quintessential desert island disc question was given by Maureen Kyalya in 2016 when asked whom she would take to the desert island, she responded,” President Yoweri Museveni, yes Iam sure if I took him Uganda’s problems would end” . So do you want to listen to the doctor who told her boyfriend,”This relationship should end in marriage and not in college. You know what to do,7pm should find you nowhere but tuned in to 91.3 Capital FM

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