The medicine of hope and possibility, and the write to recovery

If there is anything I haven’t lost in my illness,it is hope, now Hope is a good thing perhaps the best of things and no good thing dies. One may argue that hope is a mindset to keep us going. Proverbs 23:7: As a man thinketh, so is he. So the power of the mind cannot be thrown away.

Now most of the times I self reflect and think, ofcourse a thought process is informed by many things. The irony of it is that Iam a Neuro patient and I am banking on my mind to recover. Now the brain is wired like a CPU and controls most of the activities in the body. So literally when you think of something, the universe and body obeys putting everything in plan.

This blog you are reading today is a product of experience. Experience may be the best teacher but experience without evaluation is useless. What we need is Evaluated Experience. Now I write and basically put down thoughts, if someone had told me that I would be writing about my journey, five years ago, I would laugh. Writing yes I would but perhaps a PhD atleast according to how I had planned in life. I was on the mountaintop and could metaphorically see Jericho up to the mediterranean sea and picture myself in a house with a large study sipping on my Itiyopian coffee. I mean who gets an offer to apply for a fully funded masters from the head of the Center for Human Rights Pretoria so I was destined for huge things in regards to Academia. A cynical friend of mine used to repeat the line from Songs of Lawino, Songs of Ocol, “The books will crush your testis”. My cynical reply was,” chief, career will never wake up one day and say that it’s over,I will happily be a Professor”.

So what do you do when an illness comes to halt such plans, you don’t sit down and cry, rather you work up your way to recovery. Now I have realized how near death moments can make one evaluate their life and get clarity on life and what is worth living for. Back to the medicine of hope, it’s hope that gives us a reason to live.

I use the phrase,”keep the hope alive” because in 2015, I got my self a copy of Julius Mucunguzi’s book and he signed off with the words, “keep the hope alive”. Now some readers have told me, “write a memoir” . I’m giving it lots of thoughts and when I do, you dear readers will be the first to know but if I were to consider a foreword, this right here would suffice


  1. Glad you are well 🔆 keep hope alive!!

  2. Musu Bakoto Sawo says:

    Every piece you have written is beautiful. I remain touched by your tenacity and joyful spirit. Great read my friend. Love always.

  3. Brenda Malisa says:

    Keep the hope alive.
    It’s what keeps us going.
    This is great Roland
    I wish you the best as you spread your wings in your writing skills

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