Midlife clarity

Sadly, midlife clarity has taught me that education, religion and a large part of Ugandan socialisation is a well-orchestrated ploy tomanufacture a deeply complacent but very functional citizen, one who pays tax, one who obeys every law passed,

Well I am not yet in midlife but I will get there and don’t want to get there and I am regretting. Perhaps one can ask do I owe my country a duty or I should give up on it just like it did to me. Recently there was a shutdown of internet and a minister has come out to say that it was a tit for tat for Facebook suspension of certain accounts. Well at least his answer was honest.

Most of us would love a Uganda that works and is about fair chance and equitable distribution of resources. A nation that has rule of law and respect for human rights. The contradiction of the current government makes me shudder and it gets annoying when you see young people justifying the contradiction with Whataboutism . Alot of people mostly the youth are sad that the life they grew up working for is in vain.

It is why there has been brain drain because a nation that doesn’t retain top professionals certainly loses out

The truth is that we have been conditioned to accept bad laws and regulations,we are like those animals which say, Napoleon is always right. Ours was once a country.


  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    When you say, “Ours was once a country”, are you saying Uganda once worked?

      1. Bolaji Gelax says:

        I’d like to read about that time

  2. You say…Ugandan socialisation is a well-orchestrated ploy tomanufacture a deeply complacent but very functional citizen…
    You’re right, and it’s not by accident, and it’s not just Uganda it’s the whole world.

  3. Ugandans are deeply complacent, they haven’t been rewarded many choices… the rule of law isn’t effective

    Your right… napoleon is always right🤭

  4. Shadray says:

    Some of what hurt me are some youths who are influencing for the current government.
    They too were covered in the internet blackout & saw a lot of pats from their peers whose online businesses were affected by the shutdown & still continued to side with the government even when using VPN.

    1. yongyera says:

      We are amazingly amazing (read stupid)

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