The Beautiful Pain

I do love songs for their lyrical content because I relate to them now the song,’beautiful pain’- Eminem is on my mind its chorus goes like,Iam standing in the flames it’s a beautiful kinda pain setting fire to yesterday, find the light find the light.

Now have you ever been at rock bottom and life seems useless and literally, there’s nothing to live for. That’s where I was a few years ago. You see stroke comes suddenly but takes its sweet time to recover, even with recovery comes with body imperfections like limping and even speech is not going to be perfect as it was in perfect health.

The Beautiful Pain perhaps is the one during the physiotherapy, now under normal circumstances one is supposed to respond positively to physiotherapy. I was brought to the rehabilitation center in February 2017 and by April,there was progress on the walking, Facebook is like my journal entry so I write about my journey

So that is how beneficial physiotherapy is to a stroke survivor, but life had other plans,I left the rehabilitation in June and continued getting physiotherapy at Mulago.

The Fall

Now the worst thing that can happen to a stroke survivor is a fall during walking as it takes you back to square negative ten. Now to compesate the figures back to square one is painful and really long. I was using a walker and walking but under guidance. For some reason the caretaker assisting me to walk didn’t watch me well and I lost balance and the next thing I was on the tarmac. I must have landed on the left side of the leg and this affected the joints and muscles in the pelvic area, The physiotherapist Sulait, suggested that we do a pelvic x-ray because of the way I was walking. I remember contacting Solanki a physiotherapist who recommended that we go to Norvik hospital where we sought an appointment with Dr Patel and upon assessment it was recommended that I had to do some passives and stretches to get the hip joint back to rotating normally. That was the most painful exercise. I even wondered why I could scream out so loud yet I had speech impairment but now I know more about language centers in the brain. The brain is very amazing it is like the CPU of the body. Right now as you read this, the medulla oblongata is controlling how you breathe so I don’t buy the argument that we came from monkeys. On a lighter note if we came from monkeys,why are our tails infront not behind (if you know you know) I believe in the intelligent design theory call me an apologetic yes I am one and believe that we are wonderfully and beautifully made.

As I write this, I can say that on the scale of ten,we are at four trying to perfect the imperfections and any pain that comes with the exercises is beautiful pain.

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  1. justynlove says:

    Talk of beautiful pain

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