The Absolutist theory

One of the greatest weaknesses with our society is that we have an absolutist mentality where leadership is concerned. To us, a leader is either absolutely bad or absolutely good. When we regard someone as absolutely bad, we don’t give them a chance; we criticise everything they do; we see wrong even where there’s none. Conversely, when we regard someone as absolutely good, they are elevated to a saint. Nothing they do can ever be wrong; they are above criticism. We literally make saints of such a person. The liberals have no place on either side, they are either enemies of development, or moles. I now understand why people have no defined political sides. Objectivity is long gone

That’s the tragedy with our society more or less the current trend of political commentary .perhaps there is a reason can we perhaps have a middle ground. Thats seen in all the musevenists and Besigyeists and currently people power believers, I am yet to read a commentary that advances it’s points from a people power perspective what helps them and makes us embrace them is the fact that Ugandans are suffering from the Museveni fatigue and so are likely to go with another alternative i have seen Mr lutamaguzi Ssemalula dismiss the GMO bill debate and was left wondering whether a parliament is not a collective noun for some animals i would rather not write about. We pander and seek approval of the general public and thats the malaise we are yet to diagnose, now before I’m accused of sides let me leave this here for reflection

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