You don’t have to be the one, please avoid getting a stroke

On the 29th October it will be the annual world stroke day, the world health organisation reports that 1 in every 4 people is at risk of suffering a stroke in their lifetime. To understand stroke it’s a brain attack caused by lack of oxygen to the brain as a result it causes the brain cells to die and results can be dire the symptoms include difficulties in movement, general numbness and paralysis, in some cases there’s speech impairment and difficulties in communication, well around November, 2016, I suffered a stroke i recall waking up and struggling to move my body by then I was staying with my elder brother in mbarara, I called my brother and he came quickly, at the time I couldn’t speak and could communicate through the phone well the good thing is that perhaps it’s the left side that was affected so my right hand was okay and strong . I was taken to hospital and underwent an MRI for the brain,at the time we had a good family friend called Solomon Kato who had previously suffered a stroke he advised that I go to the stroke rehabilitation centre, which is located in Gayaza reasoning that I would be fine there indeed I came to the rehabilitation centre in february, 2017 and started undergoing physiotherapy, the best treatment for stroke is early management, that is when the body tissues and muscles are still flexible and not stiff. well the purpose of physiotherapy is to help the brain rewire the damaged nerves and tissues so that one can regain the independence that was lost when the stroke hit.

Often the principal physiotherapist Dr Bukenya Ibrahim always reminds us that we are stroke survivors reasoning that most people succumb to the stroke and don’t make it alive .Indeed this country has lost a number of individuals to stroke so being alive is itself a miracle. The first time spent at the rehabilitation centre was great only with the help of friends who met and started a fundraising drive for my rehabilitation. The fact is that managing stroke can be expensive and I thank heavens for friends who agreed to walk with me in the journey to recovery. It has been a while but what stands out is patience. Stroke is not a condition that you are going to get medication and be well recovery continues through life, it’s one day at a time of patience and self belief that all will be well again, as for physiotherapy the exercises may be painful but through endurance, independence is finally regained.

Another important aspect of suffering a stroke is that recovery comes with support from family and friends. One thing which I can’t forget is a lady who suffered a stroke after giving birth, her husband was always by the side bringing the baby for breastfeeding, that was priceless, my family has been fully supportive in the journey to recovery. Friends have stood with me through it all and iam forever grateful. Well perhaps there’s a silver lining for every dark cloud. When I suffered a stroke, I realised that I could type with the difficulty first on a smartphone but with more exercises, the right hand can fairly type and speed has improved.

Well the world stroke day will be marked at Mityana General Hospital Folks you shouldn’t be the one who suffers a stroke because it is devastating.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Roland, and with it, enlightening us.
    We wish you the very best as you continue to become better.

  2. b40deep says:

    will be praying with you bro

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