Some men are so poor that the only thing they have is money.

I always tell my nieces, sisters and female friends: “, the most important quality to look for in a man is ambition. Without ambition and the drive to realise that ambition, a man is unworthy of your love.”
I tell them not to choose the following traits .”He’s comfortable doing a 9 to 5 job, producing the minimum that his job demands and waiting for a salary on the 15th. He doesn’t want anything more from life than to be where he is. He doesn’t read much, he questions nothing, he never takes initiative. He doesn’t want to travel the world, he doesn’t want to see more. He’s fine living in Kampala and roaming through life. If the story of his life were to be written, it would be in 5 pages that summarise his existence as a person who got a Masters degree, got a job and worked forever. He takes no risks, he does nothing except exist.”

Never look for made men, always seek men you could believe in. Look at your boyfriend and have no doubt that you are with someone who has what it takes to make something of himself, but who also wants more for himself than the ordinary. Sit comfortably in a taxi next to a man who dreams, because you know that the taxi is only a temporary arrangement, than in the Mercedes Benz of a man who is comfortable with a monotonous life that never experiences raptures, a man to whom a Mercedes Benz is all that there is to life. Do not stand mediocrity in anything, but especially in a man you would want to spend your life with. Be stuck not within the confines of an anthropology of mediocrity.


  1. mirembekisa says:

    I like this.Always tell me friends am more than a man.We don’t need men with money but those with a good financial IQ

    1. yongyera says:

      Thats the new thinking we need to develop in our female generation. They must learn to value themselves first and know their worth.

  2. Barbra says:

    Advice taken Elderđź‘Ź

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