We all kneel down.

It is about 6 am and I am scrolling through the news-feed on my Facebook timeline, one particular update by my learned sister, elder and mentor( I would write an entire blog profiling her) catches my eyes. It is by Jackie-Asiimwe Mwesige(JAM), she is saying that while we berate the NRM youth for kneeling in statehouse, we are all kneeling down by either commission or omission. Perhaps we need to understand the symbolism of kneeling, in Uganda, not all Ugandans kneel but all show respect. Therefore when we say “Mzeei”, that is a subconscious way of kneeling and respecting the elder. When we fear to speak because the elder will get annoyed, we are kneeling. And that is the worst kind of kneeling because it is not physical we let it grow and pass.


Therefore the tragedy is not that the youth are kneeling(that is for another day).The real issue is that we have become backbenchers and let this nation take us or rather take it for a ride. I for one have no issues with Evelyn Anite, I think she has cut out her way and position in that way. Can we in the same way go beyond berating her, can we gather the negative energy and turn in into stimulus?. There are so many issues in this nation that at least each one of us can passionately speak for/against depending on the state of things. Our keeping quiet will also portray us as the jokers(leaders) that we like portraying on social media. True most people may not have the courage to confront or attack heads on. But let the strong ones do,some people need to just follow. And start small,if you cannot liberate Constitution Square(wrongly termed as Constitutional Square) then we cannot push for reforms at a bigger level. If we just keep quiet when our airtime disappears on phones or calls are dropped, what more kneeling do we want to do, thats prostration of the highest order. Like Franz Fanon argues in his paper, “Wretched of the earth” we have a duty to our generation, we can either act or continue kneeling. Perhaps one may ask, how do I stop kneeling the answer is easy. You do not have to wait for cameras or dailies to be seen opposing wrong doing. Activism or any kind of protesting is not a job.Its that moment when you realise that Uganda is bigger than our small egos and that we deserve better, that moment when we stop applauding the corrupt and instead inculcate a culture of honesty. The question is can you influence the small impact at your University, local council and office?. Such efforts may be uncoordinated but will give rise to a mindset and culture that loathes abuse of private or public funds, and in that way we shall say, no to kneeling.


  1. Clare says:

    Amma send this to a judge that I know😬😬😬

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