Dear Kirsten,

There was a sitcom,”kids say the darndest things”. It must have aired on WBS, the earliest memory I have is the name. I remember the first time I saw you, we must have picked you up from school and I recall Josh must have been talking about mint which you kept taking away from him. Now God blessed me with friends and since your mom is a great friend, the ‘ team’ is friends with me and we thank God. You have been with me through it all,I remember when I had fallen ill and was really recovering, you said to your mom,”will Mwene come and we kick the ball with us?” That was positivity.

Now love has lifted me and continues to do so . You have visited me countless times and everytime you visit, you write in the visitors book and your visit in 2019 blessed me but the words you wrote made me self reflect and eventually cry. I decided to frame the words and I look at them every morning and know that Kirsten is rooting for my recovery, that is huge.

You know you and your brothers are amazing. Last year, you baked a cake for my birthday with your mom and wanted to bring it but cut it and sent me a video after I told you that I really had enough. The cake had words, ”The best is yet to come’
Last time we had a video call and should do more of those. There are times I feel like giving up but your poignant words keep me going and looking forward to another day. My promise to you is that I will get better. Happy Birthday Kirsten.


  1. Clare says:

    She waiting for the day when you ran towards each other for a hug! Get up and walk, my friend! Get up!

  2. Kirsten Otim says:

    Wow Mwene this is really nice I did not know my letter made you cry but I hope you get better. From Mushie

    1. yongyera says:

      Awww it did, thank you.

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